Clinical Experiences with Dr. Bruno Pereira


In modern dentistry, continuing training and practical experience are essential to provide patients with the best possible treatment. Clinical experiences with Dr. Bruno Pereira are a unique opportunity for dental professionals who want to perfect their skills and knowledge in the preparation and placement of dental veneers. In this article, we invite you to find out all the details of these stays and how they can transform your dental practice.

What are the clinical experiences with Dr. Bruno Pereira?

The clinical experiences are advanced training programmes where participants have the opportunity to observe and participate in real treatments under the supervision of Dr. Bruno Pereira, a recognised expert in the field of aesthetic dentistry. These experiences are designed to offer a combination of theory and practice, focusing on the most innovative and effective procedures.

Direct presence in dental veneer treatments

During the clinical experiences, participants will be able to observe the complete process of preparing and fitting dental veneers at close quarters. This procedure requires precision and skill to ensure natural and long-lasting results. Participants will be able to learn directly from Dr. Pereira’s experience and understand the details that make the difference in the quality of the final work.

Tips and special techniques

Dr. Bruno Pereira shares with the participants his special tips and techniques that he has developed throughout his career. These techniques, which go beyond what is taught in standard training programmes, include:

  • Selection and preparation of the right material: How to choose the right veneers and prepare the teeth to maximise adhesion and durability.
  • Advanced cementation techniques: Methods to ensure that veneers bond securely and durably, avoiding common problems such as misalignment or disbondment.
  • Customised aesthetic fittings: How to make final adjustments to ensure that veneers look natural and blend in perfectly with the rest of the patient’s dentition.

Practical experience

Participants have the opportunity to be involved in real-life treatment situations. Under Dr. Pereira’s supervision, they are able to perform supervised procedures, allowing them to apply what they have learned and improve their practical skills. This experience is invaluable as it allows participants to develop confidence and competence in a safe and controlled atmosphere.

FAQ'S (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who can participate in clinical experiences?

The clinical experiences are designed for dentists and advanced dental students who wish to specialise in aesthetic dentistry and improve their practical skills in the fitting of dental veneers.

How long do clinical experiences last?

The length of stays may differ, but they generally last 4 to 5 hours, corresponding to the treatment time for segmentation and veneer placement.

Where do the clinical experiences take place?

The clinical experiences are generally carried out in the clinics with which Dr Bruno Pereira collaborates, although it is also possible for Dr Bruno Pereira to visit the clinic of the person concerned to carry out the experience.

How can I sign up?

To register for clinical experiences with Dr. Bruno Pereira, visit this link Clinical Experiences and complete the registration form. You can also contact us directly via the email or phone number provided on the website for more information.

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