“Our goal is to increase your efficiency, reduce costs and improve patient satisfaction.”


“Our goal is to increase your efficiency, reduce costs and improve patient satisfaction.”

High Performance Aesthetics with Dr. Bruno Pereira

Welcome to the world of High Performance Aesthetics, where we combine people, processes and technology to deliver exceptional results in dental aesthetics. Led by Dr. Bruno Pereira, a world-renowned leader in orofacial aesthetics, we are committed to helping clinics improve their efficiency and profitability. Optimise the success of your dental practice with our dental practice management and consultancy.

The Challenges of Aesthetic Dentistry

In an increasingly competitive market, running a beauty clinic can be a challenge. Many clinics struggle to make aesthetic procedures efficient and cost-effective. Lack of professional training, high costs and time consuming processes are some of the most common problems. In addition, many clinics have the right technology, but it is underutilised due to the complicated learning curve to implement a digital workflow.

The Solution: High Performance Aesthetics

At Dr. Bruno Pereira’s clinic, we have developed a unique methodology to overcome these challenges. Our High Performance Aesthetics programme focuses on training staff to create opportunities, optimise the patient journey, implement chairside workflow and save on outsourcing costs.

Why Choose Dr. Bruno Pereira?

Dr. Bruno Pereira brings a wealth of experience in the field of aesthetics since 2005. He has been educating and training clinicians since 2009 and has served as a consultant and R&D for First Fit™️, a pioneering patented technology for digital preparation. He is a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) for DSD and Nemotec and has led the clinical team at One Clinic since 2017.

Gestión Clínica Dental

How can we help you?

Can’t make cosmetic dentistry profitable? Dealing with hyper demanding patients, lack of professional training, overly costly laboratory processes and poor use of technological tools? Do you feel that aesthetics is trending in the market but these problems are affecting the efficiency and profitability of your aesthetic dentistry treatments?

TheHigh Performance Aesthetics(HPA), is a working methodology designed to train and empower your team to optimise your workflows and increase the efficiency of aesthetic dentistry treatments in your practice through digital technology.

HPA seeks to transform these challenges into opportunities. From creating new potential patients to optimising the patient experience, training staff and implementing efficient workflows. With HPA, we aim to reduce treatment time and outsourcing costs, increase referrals and improve patient satisfaction by reducing the number of recurrences.

Our 10 step approach to efficiency

  1. Standardisation: Dental aesthetic processes are reduced to 5 effective appointments..
  2. Training: We train your team in the integral development of the process..
  3. Cost optimisation: We implemented 3D printing and Chairside to reduce laboratory costs.
  4. Optimised preparation: We train staff in advanced veneer preparation techniques.
  5. Digital dentistry: We implement digital workflows to improve efficiency and accuracy.
  6. Effective communication: We train your staff on how to interview and communicate with the aesthetic patient.
  7. Quality control: We implement stringent measures to ensure the highest quality.
  8. Materials assessment: We standardise the materials used to ensure best practice.
  9. On-going training: We provide a continuous training programme to keep your team up to date with the latest techniques and trends.

Remote mentoring: We offer weekly remote mentoring and coaching to ensure the successful implementation of our methodology.

The Results

Reduced chair time
Up to 0 %
Laboratory cost savings
Up to 0 %
Customer satisfaction
Increase 0 %
Number of repetitions
Up to 0 %

makes dental aesthetics profitable

Learn how to manage and optimise the performance of your dental aesthetic treatments with Dr. Bruno Pereira.

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