Dr. Bruno Pereira, Now in Oltra Dental Clinic

Dr. Bruno Pereira, Now in Oltra Dental Clinic

Dr. Bruno Pereira, the co-founder and ex-director of One Clinic Marbella, has been a pioneer in aesthetic dentistry. With a legacy that spans over five years at One Clinic, he has now decided to open a new chapter at Clinica Oltra in Marbella and sees patients in the centre of Marbella for veneers and aesthetic dentistry.

The Legacy of One Clinic Marbella

For over five years, Dr. Bruno Pereira has been the visionary behind One Clinic Marbella. From coming up with the concept of uniting aesthetics and aesthetic dentistry, to optimising the patient journey and creating a strong and recognized brand, Dr Bruno Pereira is the brain behind the clinic. His focus on creating a digital workflow has revolutionized the way dental care is provided. With over 2,000 veneers placed at One Clinic Marbella, he has transformed smiles and lives. natural look.

The Pioneer in Aesthetic Dentistry

Dr. Bruno Pereira is not just a dentist; he’s a worldwide speaker on facial and dental aesthetics. His groundbreaking technology and cutting-edge equipment have set new standards in the industry. He has also been instrumental in training dentists, shaping the future of aesthetic dentistry.

Creating a Digital Workflow at One Clinic Marbella

One of Dr. Bruno Pereira’s most significant contributions to dentistry has been the development of a digital workflow. This approach has streamlined patient care, making treatments more efficient and effective. His innovations have been adopted by dental clinics worldwide.

The Creator of FacialFlow

Dr. Bruno Pereira is the creator of the concept of #FacialFlow, dedicating himself exclusively to aesthetic dentistry. At One Clinic, he led the adoption of digital technology and the implementation of chairside workflows, creating efficient solutions that enhanced patient experience and treatment outcomes.

Experience with Nemotec, DSD, and FirstFit

His experience with digital tools like Nemotec, DSD, and FirstFit has provided him with valuable insights into the potential of digital dentistry. At One Clinic, he faced the challenge of clinically implementing these tools with a constantly evolving team.

The Current Challenge: Making Aesthetic Dentistry Efficient and Scalable

Dr. Bruno Pereira’s current challenge is to make aesthetic dentistry efficient and scalable for large teams and structures. He is passionate about developing innovative solutions and implementing disruptive technologies, always focused on achieving high-performance aesthetics.

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